React Hooks

Duration 2 h 14 m 30 s

React Hooks

About Course

  • This course introduces React Hooks from the beginning. We're going to look at some of the most used built-in Hooks (useState, useEffect).
  • We'll create our own React Hook as well, so after this course, you'll be able to create your own React Hook.
  • We're going to finish this course by creating a Weather App which is going to call a real API to fetch real weather data.
  • This course will give you the solid foundations of React Hooks which then you can apply to your projects too.

Course content

videoLecture 1 - Introduction1 m 13 s
videoLecture 2 - What are react hooks1 m 37 s
videoLecture 3 - Creating our first project6 m 35 s
videoLecture 4 - Introduction to useState8 m 58 s
videoLecture 5 - previous state with useState2 m 45 s
videoLecture 6 - difference between this.setstate and setter function9 m 8 s
videoLecture 7 - create multiple state variable4 m 1 s
videoLecture 8 - useEffect hook intro5 m 51 s
videoLecture 9 - more on useEffect5 m 58 s
videoLecture 10 - effect cleanup9 m 56 s
videoLecture 11 - fetch data in class component4 m 40 s
videoLecture 12 - how to fetch data with react hooks7 m 59 s
videoLecture 13 - creating custom hook6 m 3 s
videoLecture 14 - project setup11 m 34 s
videoLecture 15 - weather card component12 m 1 s
videoLecture 16 - CitySelector component8 m 21 s
videoLecture 17 - usefetch hook11 m 36 s
videoLecture 18 - weatherlist component7 m 38 s
videoLecture 19 - tweaks in application8 m 36 s
Sarfaraz Kasmani

Sarfaraz Kasmani

Software Engineer

Course Instructor

I am Sarfaraz Kasmani a Front End Developer and Digital Marketer from Mumbai, India. I am having more than 7 years of experience in the field of Front End Development and Digital Marketing.

I'm excited to be here and to help people in becoming more experienced in the most interesting and powerful field in the world.